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Prenatal Care

Personal, individualized prenatal care with plenty of time to ask questions. I love getting to know my families!, Free consultation, Appointments every four weeks until 28 weeks, Appointments every two weeks until 36 weeks, Appointments every week until delivery, Referral for ultrasound, Lab work, Nutrition counseling, Each visit will include weight, blood pressure, fetal well-being, heart rate, growth, position, and activity. Pregnancy and childbirth education, Emotional support, 24 hour access to your midwife

Labor Support

Full labor assessment including dilation, effacement, fetal position, vital signs, and frequent fetal well-being assessments. Pain management without drugs including various positions, massage, and hydrotherapy, Your instincts and personal choices will be respected, All equipment for birth provided, Delayed cord clamping, Immediate skin to skin, Emergency equipment if needed including oxygen, IV supplies, antibiotics, anti-hemorrhagic drugs, etc. Warm compresses to avoid tearing, Family involvement encouraged, Full newborn assessment done, Erythromycin eye ointment and Vitamin K if consent given, Postpartum instructions given and explained, After the birth of your baby we remain with you until both you and your baby are stable

Postpartum Care

Home visits on day 1 and 3, Postpartum visits in office, Keepsake birth certificate with footprints, Maternal well-being assessment, Birth certificate and social security number filed. Final visit at week 6-8 postpartum with pap smear if needed or desired, Family planning counseling, Lactation support and alternate feeding plans as necessary to ensure mother and baby are thriving, Exclusive breastfeeding, Pumping and milk storage, Low milk supply concerns, Formula feeding options, Sore nipples and breast pain, Post-delivery pain or discomfort, Weepiness and exhaustion, Compassionate newborn metabolic screening, Newborn well-being assessment, Evaluation of vital signs, adequate nutrition, weight gain, and jaundice, Hearing screening, and critical congenital heart defect screening

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